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Is Your Business Smart?
Northstar's Smart series of locks, controls and monitoring
make your office safer, and bring greater peace of mind to you.
Bonus: It's Easy, Too
Smart Lock
Ever wondered if you forgot to lock the back door? Or the front one? With a smart lock you can check on the status of any door it is installed on and verify that it is locked safe.
Smart Doorbell
Smart Locks are only part of a good back-door (or even front door on some businesses) security solution. Doorbell cameras are one of our most popular add-ons because they allow you to see and converse with whomever is at the door. Since it replaces your current doorbell switch, there is no new drilling.
Imagine your life without the worry of unlocked doors. 
We've helped thousands of others achieve it.
We can make that happen for you, too.
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