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“I am already recommending Northstar Security to other people. Jonathan came by and he was quite informative. However, he wasn't pushy at all. So we ended up going with Northstar and with Liberty monitoring"
—Denise Stefanic, Edmonton, AB
“The professionalism and the timing that was offered by Jonathan was the best. I would also recommend him because he was also very easy to get ahold and that is extremely rare to find these days. I had him set up my first security system on my old house and I moved. I wanted to get set up once again with him once I got my new house."
—Yusuf Jama, Edmonton, AB
“I would recommend [Northstar] Security. Jonathan Boyd was very informative about everything, which i liked. I appreciated the customer service given to me because it was very good."
—Denise MacDonald, Edmonton, AB
“Everything went really well and was done right. Jonathan was very professional about his work. The security system has been good and everything seems to be in good working order."
—Carol Dallas, Edmonton, AB
“I really liked Jonathan Boyd, he was very friendly and easy to talk to. I felt we connected. He got on everything right away."
—Tera Martin, Fort Saskatchewan, AB
“I would definitely recommend Jonathan. They were very courteous, prompt and they did a really good job."
—Daniel Morash, Edmonton, AB
“I would recommend Northstar Security. It was quick and he included quite a bit of stuff."
—Dan Kestirke, Edmonton, AB
“I called in and I had no idea how it all worked, and it was all explained to me very properly. Within the time span of a couple of days it was all done. Very quick and very professional."
—Stefan Hager, Edmonton, AB
“I think Jonathan is excellent. I would rate him 5 stars. I really appreciate the fact that he actually makes house visits and answers the phone. 

"I called around when I was first trying to see who I wanted to go with. So many of the companies I called had the automated messages and press this number and press that number and then you finally get ahold of someone and they didn't speak very good English. 

"I appreciate that he takes the time to speak to customers and come and meet them. He was very personable and helpful."
—Elyse T., Edmonton, AB
“Excellent service, fast and friendly. Feel very confident that my home is protected when I'm not there. Jonathan Boyd was very professional and knowledgeable. Have already recommend this system to a friend and he has installed the same one."
—Christy Mchardy, Fort Saskatchewan, AB
“I would rate my security and Jonathan 5 stars. I get fast response and my system is probably the least costly security system that is offered in Edmonton. Jonathan Boyd was knowledgable and super accommodating and it was a super good deal when compared to anybody else."
—Alana M., Edmonton, AB
“He was easy to work with, easy to talk to, and had a good sense of humor. He was also very knowledgeable."
—Cathy, Viking, AB
“I felt like I wasn't being pushed into something. He was listening to what I needed and I felt that it was very professional. He was very personable and I was impressed."
—Teresa Bradley, Fort Saskatchewan, AB
“He was very friendly! We already recommended him to someone else!"
—Brittany B., Fort Saskatchewan, AB
“He was very Professional. They were very helpful and likeable. Having a complete stranger in your house is hard but they were very kind."
—Beth H., Edmonton, AB
“He was just very friendly like you were talking to one of your friends. He was super knowledgeable if he didn't know the answer he definitely found it out for you in a quick time."
—Shannon Liboiron, Fort Saskatchewan, AB
“They were great to deal with. They were very friendly, personable and knowledgeable"
—Ronda Stone, South Cooking Lake, AB
“Jonathan was awesome! He explained everything and we feel he gave us a good deal on the products. The timeliness was excellent and really fast. We didn't expect it to be hooked up the next night, it was amazing"
—Amy Freschauf, Edmonton, AB
“They were very nice and answered all my questions. They were great! They were knowledgeable, installed very quickly, left the place tidy and informed me on everything. They did a good job!"
—Kim Clarke, South Cooking Lake, AB
“I've already recommended them elsewhere. He was professional. His crew came in, they came quickly and did the job. We had some issues with the thermostat and a low battery and they came really quick and figured it out."
—Andrew, Fort St John, BC
“I would definitely recommend him! He is very fast at communication and very thorough."
—Erica, Edmonton, AB
“Having an alarm for me and my kids, gives us a sense of peace. When I'm not home my children feel safe and at night we all sleep so much better. Also the fast response we've had from the company, when setting off the smoke alarm has been amazing! The staff is friendly and kind. I would recommend having one in everyone's home."
—Natalie Nelson, Fort St. John, BC
“I have had a lot of experience with different alarm companies and I have been extremely impressed with the way I was treated by Northstar Security. The whole process was very smooth and clear, my sales rep, Jonathan Boyd delivered on every promise he made. I was very impressed that there were no hidden fees or surprises like I have heard from other alarm companies. Any time I have ever called Jonathan he has always answered and resolved any question or concern that I had personally and immediately, the customer service has been phenomenal. It has made all the difference that I have never had to call into some 1-800 number and be put on hold, a simple phone call to Jonathan always gets things taken care of right away and he always keeps me informed as to what is going on and the status of my request. I couldn’t ask for better service and have recommended these services to many of my friends and would continue to do so."
—Trevor Christensen, Edmonton, AB
“Every aspect of our dealings with Jonathan Boyd at Northstar Security has been excellent, the security products he provided to our company have worked amazingly! We have benefited from the new security technology that allows us to manage specific employee access to our building and also the convenience of arming and disarming remotely using a mobile device. We were impressed with the personal service Jonathan continues to provides us many years after the initial sale. I highly recommend Jonathan Boyd."
—Park Landscaping - Eli Dehghani, Edmonton, AB
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