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Security: A Logical Choice
Most of the time, people purchase alarm systems based on their emotional state. However, I am going to present the logic behind an alarm system.

That way you'll know you are making the right choice to call me and explore your options deeper.
Intrusion Protection
Fire & Smoke Protection
Six Valid Reasons To Own A Security System.
1) Home Owners' Insurance costs go down.
2) Your home's value goes up. Makes it better for resell down the road.
3) Protection for pets. Especially fire protection.
4) You don't have to depend on your neighbors to watch the house when you are away.
5) Energy Savings are typically around 10-20% with an Energy Control system.
6) Cheaper and more effective than owning a dog or other security option.
Just One More...
The average dollar loss per burglary in Canada is $4,364. That amount far exceeds the cost of a basic home security system, and doesn’t include the emotional damage a break-in causes to your family. When you add your (the victim’s) losses along with criminal justice expenditures, a typical home burglary is estimated to cost nearly $20,000.
About a dollar and a half a day keeps the bad guys away.
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