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You have questions, I have answers.
It's best to call me in person, I can answer questions directly, 
but here are a few of the more common questions.
And a little info about our products.
Intrusion Protection
Fire & Smoke Protection
Home Automation
Who monitors this? Where are they located?
We use Monitronics Canada to monitor the alarm systems. They are wonderful because they monitor 24 hours a day and are rated and audited highly by Edmonton Police Department
What equipment do you use?
We use equipment made by
If the keypad is ripped off, does an alarm still go off?
This question comes because of other alarm systems giving you 30 seconds to turn off the alarm before a signal is sent, thus a crook can circumvent the alarm by ripping off the panel.
Ours work differently.  With Northstar alarms, the signal is sent as soon as the alarm is tripped.  The monitoring station is then notified and will monitor until the signal is turned off by a code entry.  If it is not turned off in time, police are notified.
Can I get a camera?
You sure can! We have various options available from doorbell cameras to internal monitoring to high-end stations that record constantly (these are pricey, so typically they are good for businesses.) Call me to discuss your options.
What's the actual price of everything?
"Everything" is a word that encompasses a lot.  Call me for the price customized to your needs, not someone else's.
Do you have seasonal specials?
As a matter of fact, I do.  For the Holiday season (Nov/Dec 2015) I am offering 3 months of free monitoring, on top of the other discounts like free equipment, discounted installation, etc.
Who do I call if I have a problem?
You'll call me.  I'll give you my cell after install and you call me for problems with billing, installation/change-outs, malfunctions, etc.  Whatever happens, I'll take care of and be an advocate for you.
How long is the agreement for?
36 months, typically.  Though we do occasionally set longer contracts.
Do you have services for senior citizens?
Certainly. We offer alarms, of course, but also health monitoring, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, nanny cams and more.  Call me to discuss your individual needs.
Northstar's Equipment
Some of this is included, some not. Call me to find out more.
*Also, the stuff we put on your house may look a little different than these pictures due to manufacturing changes.*
Touchscreen Voice Panel
Motion Sensor
Smoke/Heat Detector
Key Fob
Low Temperature Sensor
Slim Line Door or Window Sensor
Flood Sensor
GSM Module and App
Smart Thermostat
Lighting & Appliance Module
Camera Systems
Doorbell Camera
Glass Break Detector
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Garage Door Control
Smart Door Lock
Medical Alert Pendant
Image Sensor
We Have Other Security Solutions, Too!
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