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Is Your Home Smart?
Northstar's Smart series of locks, openers, controls and monitoring make your home safer, and bring greater peace of mind to you.
Bonus: It's Easy, Too
Smart Lock
Have you ever wondered if your front door is locked or not? We all have. Sometimes that concern gets you worried enough that you'll take a quick trip home to double check.

With a smart door lock and our home automation services that doesn't have to happen again. You could now lock (or unlock) your door from your phone. You can even assign temporary door codes for guests who may need to get inside your home such as neighbors who need to come over to walk pets, handyman who need to do work in the home, or for someone who is watching your house while you are on vacation.

The convenience of a smart door lock is incredible. Our customers even find themselves wondering why they didn’t get this for their home years ago.
Smart Garage
It is no secret that the garage door/s are the biggest openings to a home. If left open, your home is in serious danger of unwanted intruders. Even though you and I know this, we still find ourselves forgetting to shut our garage door from time to time.

With our automated garage door systems you can now manage, monitor and control your home’s garage door from anywhere—and we mean anywhere—you have internet access on your phone. You can even receive alerts to your smart phone or email if the door is open.
Smart Doorbell
Smart Locks are only part of a good front-door security solution. Doorbell cameras are one of our most popular add-ons because they allow you to see and converse with whomever is at the front door. It replaces your current doorbell switch, so there is no new drilling or anything.
Imagine your life without the worry of unlocked doors. 
We've helped thousands of others achieve it.
We can make that happen for you, too.
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