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Our Home Alarm System Services For Your Home or Business

Northstar Security takes home and business security serious by implementing the latest forms of technology while maintaining the local customer care and service that people love. We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, and have partnered with some of the biggest brand names in the home and business security industry. Our residential and commercial services are primarily focused on keeping people, homes, & businesses secure while giving our customers convenient home automation options that work hand in hand with our security systems.

*Don’t forget to talk to us about how our systems can help you manage your home or business energy consumption.

Customized To Work With Smart Phones, Tablets, Computers!

Everything is evolving at a rapid pace thanks to all the new advancements in the tech industry. Our phones are continually upgrading and improving. So why shouldn’t your home be just as advanced? We think it should and that is why our home security systems and monitoring can be connected wirelessly to your phone, tablet, or computer. It is time to take control of your home and its security with our smart technology!

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Security Cameras

northstar Security gives our neighbors the option to have video cameras installed with their selected home security system. Video surveillance has come along way and has many incredible benefits when it comes to keeping our customers’ homes and businesses secure.

Access Your Video Surveillance Feed On Your Smart Phone

Many of our customers have found countless uses for the video surveillance systems we install and provide in homes and businesses. Here is a list of just a few ways our customers use wireless security systems and camera surveillance to be and feel more secure.

Watch Your Homes Camera Feed While On Vacation!

In Canada, we are well known for taking vacations when the temperature drops and the snow gets deeper and deeper. When we leave on vacation we make sure to lock all our doors and make sure it is as secure as possible but we can’t just fly home to see if our homes are still in good condition. However, with our security cameras and system you can access your home’s video feed on your smart phones, tablets, and computers.

Are Your Kids Safe in Your Home?

Many parents at one time or another have to leave their kids home alone or with another individual. We all would like to think that everyone loves our kids as much as we do but this isn’t always the case. With video surveillance parents can keep an extra pair of eyes on their kids when they are being watched by a baby sitter, are out of town, or are home alone. Now you don’t have to wonder because you can know with our video camera systems that are available with our home security system packages.

Security Cameras

Home Automation Services

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Make Your Home Smarter Than Your Phone!

In today’s world we can do what we dreamed about in sci-fi movies years ago. One example of this is in home automation. northstar Security offers home automation services that work along side our security systems and monitoring services.

What is Home Automation?

“Home automation is the use of one or more computers to control basic home functions and features automatically and sometimes remotely. An automated home is sometimes called a smart home.” ~ definition is from “

Home Thermostat Automation

Did you know that having an automated thermostat can save you money each and every year on your energy bills? We don’t just have the option to make your thermostat automated but our system allows you to access your thermostat from your wireless devices. You don’t have to be home to change your homes temperature!

Garage Door Automation

Your garage door is the biggest door to your home. Have you driven away after pulling out of your garage and wondered if you closed it? For many, this doubt can be extremely annoying and most of us drive back to double check. What if you didn’t have to drive back because you could just close your door from your phone? This one feature saves many people a bunch of time every year and money in gas.

Making sure your garage door is closed will keep your home more secure.

Home Lighting Automation

With our lighting automation services our clients can automate their home to fit their daily life. They can create schedules, rules for their lighting based on events, and more! Now you can control your lighting from anywhere in your house or from anywhere in the world. Our lighting automation gives our customers a variety of automation options to enhance their security and convenience of their home while saving them time and energy!

Appliance Automation

If you need to automate certain household appliances, we can help you with that too. Our appliance automation options offer our customers advanced scheduling and event triggering options that can be customized to their lifestyle. You can now control your appliances wirelessly.

Indoor Camera Security System in Edmonton, AB

A lot of the work that I get comes out of Edmonton. I definitely do work all around in a lot of surrounding cities like Devon, Sherwood Park and more. However, a large part of it is right in the middle of Edmonton. I just recently did a brand new security system installation for a new customer. Robert wanted to get a security system set up in his home.

I sat down with him and we went through all of his options for a security system. We went over the time frame for getting it done, and the pricing and what we would need to do to keep it in his budget. He was happy with the options that were provided and the competitive pricing that we offered.

He started with all of the basic part of a great security system and got the sensors on his door, windows, etc. But then he also decided he wanted to do an indoor ADC camera. We scheduled a time that would work best for him and his schedule and then we came and got it all wired and set up and running. We made sure he knew how everything would be working and what his service agreement was.

He was very happy with the communication and the level of service. He went out of his way to let me know. I got an email from him a little bit later letting me know he was happy and had like the work that was done and they service that was provided. For me, that is what my business is all about. I always want to make my clients happy and make sure they feel that the service they are getting is a benefit to them.

It was really nice to hear personally back from the client and know that he felt it was good service. I’ve also received texts and phone calls from happy clients and it really makes my job completely worth it.

Glass-Break and Garage Security in Alberta

Last month I had a customer that wanted a very secure and great security system. We talked about a lot of different features that we could provide to give them all the extra security that they needed and wanted to make their home as secure and safe as possible. I went over our competitive pricing options and made sure that we offered as much as possible for a price that was right for them.

These clients were very happy that I listened to their needs and made sure they had everything that they needed. They were so happy they wanted to make sure that everyone could have the same option and service. They went to a close friend and told them they needed to sign up with us after their current security system contract was over.

I love that my clients are happy enough with their service to want to be able to let their friends and family know what it is that I offer and how I treat my clients.

I always make sure that my clients get the security system that is best for them and their home and also their budget. I had one customer that really needed a security system but was under such a strict budget they weren’t sure they would be able to get the service that they needed. I helped set them up and get the a great security system discount so that it was a possibility for them and their family.

Read more about the job in Edmonton below

Camera Security Systems in Edmonton, AB

I make it a point to give my customers top notch service. To me, it’s not just about their security system and that their security system is the best that they can get. It is also about their experience when their security system gets set up and if they have any confusion or issues that they need resolved while they have the security system. That is why I make it a point to be available to my customers. For the most part, I get to meet my customers face to face. Talk them through everything and get my team out their to install their security system. However, as the owner of Northstar security I don’t always have that chance if a customer calls in to order their security system instead of meeting me at their door. Just because they come searching for me doesn’t mean that they don’t receive the best service possible.

For one recent customer this was the case. She wanted a security system and I didn’t meet her at her door. I made sure that I spoke directly to her to talk over her options and her budget to make sure she got exactly what she needed in a price that was right for her. I also made sure she knew that she could call anytime if she had any questions or concerns and I would be available to her. She was happy with the options we offered so I sent my team out their to get her installed asap.

She ended up getting our basic package with the Simon XTI security system. We installed all the regular motion, window, door, smoke detector sensors in her home. She also opted to add the doorbell camera as an extra feature. I made sure I went over how everything worked for her. She also made it clear that she was happy with how clear all the details were. She felt that everything had the clarity it needed for her to make an educated decision.

Check out another recent job we did with doorbell camera installation.

northstar Security Testimonials

Our Customers Say It Best!

Mar 27, 2015

Every aspect of our dealings with Jonathan Boyd at Northstar Security has been excellent, the security products he provided to our company have worked amazingly! We have benefited from the new security technology that allows us to manage specific employee access to our building and also the convenience of arming…

~ Park Landscaping - Eli Dehghani - Edmonton, Alberta

Mar 31, 2015

I have had a lot of experience with different alarm companies and I have been extremely impressed with the way I was treated by Northstar Security. The whole process was very smooth and clear, my sales rep, Jonathan Boyd delivered on every promise he made. I was very impressed that…

~ Trevor Christensen - Edmonton, Alberta

Some Cities We Service

northstar Security offers home security systems to both residential customers and commercial customers. We also serve customers in all the surrounding cities near Edmonton, Alberta. Here is a basic list of the cities that we offer our security systems in. Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Beaumont, Devon, Leduc, & Wetaskiwin. If you are located in any of these Alberta cities, we look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your security system needs.

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