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Edmonton, AB

Camera Security Systems in Edmonton, AB

We Installed This Alarm System For Melody in Edmonton, AB

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Security System Equipment We Used On This Job:

Welcome! We just installed this security system for Melody in Edmonton, Alberta. We've included pictures below of the equipment we used for the security system.

Below the pictures you will find corresponding details about each of the products that made this security system possible.
simeon-xti-security-system-panelDoorbell Security CameraMotion Sensors Alarm Systemsecurity-system-edmonton-motion-sensoredmonton Home Automation Systemsmoke-detector-edmonton-ab-security-company

Security System Equipment Details:

Simon XTi Panel

The Simon XTi Panel is a self-contained security system panel. It comes packed with advanced wireless technology.

This piece of tech has two way talking capabilities along with a touchable LCD screen for easy controls for your security system. This panel also comes with multiple face plate options that our customers can pick from.
Doorbell Security Camera

Doorbell Camera

This camera is a recent additional to the array of products we offer for our security systems. It is extremely easy to use and works great in the cold weather in Edmonton. It hooks straight to the wires that are already in place for 99% of the doorbells out there. The footage is linked right to our wireless system that can be accessed from any mobile device 24/7.

Slim Line Door & Window Sensors - Monitronics Brand

We use the Slim Line Door & Window Sensors from Monitronics most of the time. Of course this depends on our customers preference and needs.

However, these sensors are highly effective and necessary with most security systems.

The simple explanation as to how they work is that they use a highly sensitive magnet system that will send signals to the control panel if doors or windows open by as much as an inch.

The great thing about these sensors is that they can be used for all types of doors, windows, and openings. They operate with low-power which gives their battery life and unprecedented life span.
Motion Sensors Alarm System

Advanced Motion Detectors

These nifty motion sensors don't just detect motion. In fact, they have a dual sensor purpose. They detects movement & body heat. The body heat feature has so many benefits in keeping our customers extra secure.

This infrared detector is obviously great for the inside of your home but it is also very beneficial for yards or garages. It can tell the difference between pets and humans that pass by its focus area. This helps prevent accidental/false alarms.

Smart Phone Access - Security System App Interface

Let's face it, everyone knows what a smart phone is and almost everyone has one in their pocket or hand at this moment. Northstar Security is never behind the times when it comes to technology. We give our customers the upgradable option to connect their entire system to our smart phone app for security systems.

Yep, that means you can access your system, camera feeds, etc straight from your phone...even if you are half way around the world! In this instance, Melody can access her doorbell's camera feed to know who is at the door without even opening it or looking through the old fashioned peep hole.
edmonton Home Automation System

Smoke Detector

Did you know that we can not only install smoke detectors but integrate them into a security system? Yep, it is true. Remember that home security is more than just keeping the wrong people out. It is about keeping the home and family inside safe from any type of danger. Fire and smoke are a real threat to people in homes. With our smoke detectors you can rest assured knowing you won't be caught off guard if you have a fire.
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Melody Duncan Said This About Our Company

Melody Duncan

Edmonton, AB

Date: Dec 16, 2015
Jonathan was very efficient and quick with his response and very clear on details. I just felt there was a lot of clarity and I didn't have any trouble understanding. He treated me really well.

Security System Company Review in Alberta

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Edmonton, AB
Client Testimonial
Every aspect of our dealings with Jonathan Boyd at Northstar Security has been excellent, the security products he provided to our company have worked amazingly! We have benefited from the new security technology that allows us to manage specific employee access to our building and… ~ Park Landscaping - Eli Dehghani - Edmonton, Alberta


The Who, What, Where, & When Of This Job...

Location of Job: Edmonton, AB
When: Nov 20, 2015
Security System Package: Upgraded Voice Security System
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Security System Installation, Doorbell Security Camera, Basic Home Alarm System
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Brief Overview of This Security System Job:

I make it a point to give my customers top notch service.

To me, it's not just about their security system and that their security system is the best that they can get. It is also about their experience when their security system gets set up and if they have any confusion or issues that they need resolved while they have the security system.

That is why I make it a point to be available to my customers. For the most part, I get to meet my customers face to face. Talk them through everything and get my team out their to install their security system.

However, as the owner of Northstar security I don't always have that chance if a customer calls in to order their security system instead of meeting me at their door. Just because they come searching for me doesn't mean that they don't receive the best service possible.

For one recent customer this was the case. She wanted a security system and I didn't meet her at her door. I made sure that I spoke directly to her to talk over her options and her budget to make sure she got exactly what she needed with a price that was right for her. I also made sure she knew that she could call anytime if she had any questions or concerns and I would be available to talk to her. She was happy with the options we offered so I sent my team out to her home to get her installed asap.

She ended up getting our basic package with the Simon XTI security system. We installed all the regular motion, window, door, smoke detector sensors in her home. She also opted to add the doorbell camera as an extra feature.

I made sure I went over how everything worked for her. She also made it clear that she was happy with how clear all the details were. She felt that everything had the clarity it needed for her to make an educated decision.

Check out another recent job we did with doorbell camera installation.
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Add Home Automation Feature to your Security System

One of the coolest and most convenient features that security systems can have these days is the ability to access and control your security system from your phone/tablet. Home automation gives you the ability to do that. Everyone has their phone on them pretty much 24/7, so to be able to whip it out and control your security system without having to go to your control panel is a huge asset.

We also make sure that you are completely understanding how it works and that you are not having any trouble. I have gone out of my way to check up on customers that weren’t sure if they would be able to understand the technology and made sure everything was going smoothly. Most times, it is going smoothly because of how easy and convenient the home automation feature is.

However, not only do we install security systems for homes but also for companies. Check out a temporary security system option we helped one business out with.