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1 Review. Slav Cwik Gave us 5 Stars For This Job!

Edmonton, AB

Glass-Break and Garage Security in Alberta


Slav Cwik Said This About Our Company

Slav Cwik

Edmonton, AB

Date: Feb 16, 2016
Jonathan was very professional. He went ahead and explained everything clearly. He told us how it works and what kind of charges we were going to have. It was all really good.

Security Company Review in Alberta

Services Provided

Security system install
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Edmonton, AB
Client Testimonial
Every aspect of our dealings with Jonathan Boyd at Northstar Security has been excellent, the security products he provided to our company have worked amazingly! We have benefited from the new security technology that allows us to manage specific employee access to our building and… ~ Park Landscaping - Eli Dehghani - Edmonton, Alberta


The Who, What, Where, & When Of This Job...

Location of Job: Edmonton, AB
When: Dec 5, 2015
Security System Package: Voice Security
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Security System Installation
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Last month I had a customer that wanted a very secure and great security system. We talked about a lot of different features that we could provide to give them all the extra security that they needed and wanted to make their home as secure and safe as possible. I went over our competitive pricing options and made sure that we offered as much as possible for a price that was right for them.

These clients were very happy that I listened to their needs and made sure they had everything that they needed. They were so happy they wanted to make sure that everyone could have the same option and service. They went to a close friend and told them they needed to sign up with us after their current security system contract was over.

I love that my clients are happy enough with their service to want to be able to let their friends and family know what it is that I offer and how I treat my clients.

I always make sure that my clients get the security system that is best for them and their home and also their budget. I had one customer that really needed a security system but was under such a strict budget they weren't sure they would be able to get the service that they needed. I helped set them up and get the a great security system discount so that it was a possibility for them and their family.

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Hi, my name is Jonathan Boyd and northstar SECURITY is my company. I would love to go over prices with you for the security system you need. Don't worry about being pressured into a deal because we operate on a no obligation & no pressure policy when it comes to giving free quotes. Our company is customer driven. At the end of the day we go home feeling good about what we do!

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Edmonton Security System

I installed a Simon Xti security system for my client. I made sure that he had a GSM, his 3 door sensors, and 2 window sensors. On top of that we added the glass break feature for him, a flood sensor and 1 appliance module. Then we installed a silver doorlock, and thermostat, and one of our great doorbell cameras. The doorbell cameras are becoming a huge feature nowadays because of the ability to see anyone at your door or approaching your door.

This client also had a Garage and wanted to get wired and set up with a garage door module as well. So on top of all his other features we got the garage all set up as well. He now has his home and garage fully wired and secure.

Walk Through

I always make sure that my clients fully understand what they have and know how it works. I will explain as clearly as possible and even walk them through everything if they need. One specific customer said that they were happy with how clear everything was.

I even like it when my customers give me a challenge and question what I do. Especially because there is a lot of scammers out there and it’s important to protect yourself. One such customer left me a great review check it out here