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1 Review. Ronda Stone Gave us 5 Stars For This Job!

South Cooking Lake, Alberta

Security System Installation in South Cooking Lake, AB


Ronda Stone Said This About Our Company

Ronda Stone

South Cooking Lake, Alberta

Date: Jun 27, 2015
They were great to deal with. They were very friendly, personable and knowledgeable.

Security System Company Review in South Cooking Lake, AB

Services Provided

For Ronda we installed a security system. Our system helped secure the entire house by adding equipment to 3 entrance points, abasement motion and a main floor motion sensor, one door lock, Garage door sensor, flood sensor on their sump pump and control panel. She was great to work with and we were very happy to help her with her home in South Cooking Lake, Alberta.
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Edmonton, AB
Client Testimonial
Every aspect of our dealings with Jonathan Boyd at Northstar Security has been excellent, the security products he provided to our company have worked amazingly! We have benefited from the new security technology that allows us to manage specific employee access to our building and… ~ Park Landscaping - Eli Dehghani - Edmonton, Alberta


The Who, What, Where, & When Of This Job...

Location of Job: South Cooking Lake, Alberta
When: May 18, 2015
Security System Package:
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Security System Installation, Home Automation
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This customer had security concerns about her home because her husband spends long period of time away from home and she was worried about someone looking into her windows at night. To address those concerns, we installed a comprehensive security system in her home. This system included motion detectors on both the main level and the basement, flood sensors on their sump pump, and an alarm that was programmed for three doors. We also installed an automated door lock that allowed our customer to unlock her front door from afar. In the end, the customer was satisfied with our work and stated that she felt much safer with the system now installed.
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About This Security System Installation Job

Without a home alarm system in South Cooking Lake, AB, many people feel that their safety is at risk. This customer certainly did, and that fear was exacerbated since her husband is often away from home for one month at a time. Fortunately, we were able to address this customer’s security concerns with a full home alarm system installation. In order to make sure that the entire home was secure, we programmed the system for three doors, installed basement motion and main floor motion detectors, and installed one new door lock, a garage door sensor, and a central control panel. To keep this customer safe in the event of impending water damage, we also installed flood sensor on their sump pump.

<h2>The Customer’s Reaction To Our Work</h2>

Because the customer’s husband spends a significant amount of time away from home and had concerns about someone looking into their windows at night, she was very pleased with the fact that we were able to install a system that addressed all of her security concerns. She was happy that the motion sensors that we installed with her Alberta home security system would alert her to anyone who may be lurking around their property. The customer also stated that she often experienced feelings of fear in the wintertime as she walked from the car to her home, and the fact that we installed a remote access feature that allowed her to unlock her doors before she arrived at her doorstep made her feel a lot safer. This, coupled with the fact that we were able to get the system installed within two days of initial contact, means that we walked away with yet another satisfied customer.

Other Work We Performed For Her

We strive to make our customers' homes as secure as possible.

At Northstar Security, we strive install home security systems that give our customers everything they need to feel safe at home and to avoid worrying about their homes when they are away from them. Instead of just giving the homeowner control over her property when she’s home, we were able to install and give her access to an interactive application that allows her to access her system remotely and control its functions. As we stated previously, this increased our customer’s peace of mind as she was able to get into her home more quickly at night, and it helps our customer maintain a sense of safety no matter where she is throughout the day.