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Northstar Security System Review in Edmonton, Alberta

Date: Sep 18, 2015
“I think Jonathan is excellent. I would rate him 5 stars. I really appreciate the fact that he actually makes house visits and answers the phone.

I called around when I was first trying to see who I wanted to go with. So many of the companies I called had the automated messages and press this number and press that number and then you finally get ahold of someone and they didn't speak very good english.

I appreciate that he takes the time to speak to customers and come and meet them. He was very personable and helpful.” ~ Elyse T. - Edmonton, AB

Services Provided

This customer found us via a Google search after searching through a bunch of other security system companies. We spoke to her immediately over the phone and after her security system was installed she gave us this review.

She was great to work with and it is always a pleasure to see people love the interactive app that easily integrates the security systems with smart phones!