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Attention: Is Your Edmonton Home Safe Right Now?

Why Over 3,000 Edmonton Home Owners Are Safe & Don’t Fear Home Breakins

Over 3,000 said yes because we have proven our value and provided the right security solution!


Jonathan Boyd
(Owner of Northstar Security)

If someone tried to break into your home tonight, would you be secure?

There is absolutely no good reason why you should ever say “no my house isn’t secure”.

It’s not even expensive to make sure the most important things in your life…your family, life, and home are secured 24/7.

Maybe you just don’t know who to trust with your home’s security…

Knowing who to trust isn’t easy.

We have been in the industry for 12 years

…let’s just say there is more than one dishonest home security company running around in Edmonton.

That’s Why Northstar Security Has Become So Popular

By the end of 2015 we will be securing over 4,000 customers.

Sometimes we have to rub our eyes to make sure it isn’t a dream. We are honored and humbled to be trusted by so many people.

Over 4,000 customers now know that Northstar Security provides the security solutions that keeps their homes, families, and possessions protected 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

*If we can do it for 4,000 of your neighbors, we know we can do it for you!

Easy. Mobile. Worldwide

For the last 12 years we have become quite the experts in security systems. We have put together home security system packages that are easy to use, mobile friendly, and accessible worldwide.

Imagine always feeling safe and knowing your home is secure while on vacation.

With just a touch of your phone’s screen you will be able to…

1. See what is happening in your home
2. Get mobile alerts
3. Open doors
4. Lock doors
5. Turn off lights
6. Activate or deactivate your security system
7. And much much more

We will turn your home into a smart secure home.

Why Over 3,000 Home Owners Trust Us?

Our customers say it best…

A quick recap on some of the top things people admire about us…

  1. We do what we say we are going to do – It is never enough to just say nice things. We work hard to always fulfill our end of the deal.
  2. We offer local support that is just a text message away – We are small enough and care big enough to be just a text message away. Let’s face it most people text and prefer texting. We understand that and offer you support with just a simple text.

    *Try it out!
    Send a text to Jonathan that you are interested in using our system. He will get the text message immediately and respond promptly. 587-410-4856

  3. We are light weight and flexible – We always want to be 100% transparent with our customers. We are not a massive home security system company. What we are is a local Edmonton business that gives our undivided attention to our neighbors. We care about people more than numbers.
  4. Our prices and value are among the best in the industry – We don’t strive to be the lowest price but we do strive to be the highest value at the lowest price. Your home’s and family’s security is worth providing the best service for.
  5. We don’t do it alone – We are not naive in thinking that we can be the best by ourselves. We have partnered with the best names in the security industry. Like Monitronics, GE Interlogix, Liberty Security and More.
  6. Our customers say we are the best – Feel free to read through our home security company reviews and if you need more just ask. We have plenty of people who are more than willing to tell the truth about us.

Nortstar Security is The Local Edmonton Security System Company That Will…

  • Give you the peace and confidence that your home is protected – You know that you have the best security system and team on your side.
  • Save you time while keeping you secure. – Having the best system on your side makes home security effortless for our customers and our prices help them save money.
  • Save you money on your security – We give up to $1,100 worth of free high quality security equipment to our new customers.
  • Keep your family save – For all of our home owners this is the #1 benefit they enjoy.

Join The 1000’s of Happy Customers & Get An Amazing Deal At The Same Time!

*Request a Free Quote & Security Consultation!
Send Jonathan a text or call him.

Text or Call: 587-410-4856

Did we mention that there is nothing to lose?

We don’t pressure you into using our security system or monitoring services.

After our security consultation you will know exactly how safe your home can be and get an amazing offer for your customized security package.

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Hi, my name is Jonathan Boyd and northstar SECURITY is my company. I would love to go over prices with you for the security system you need. Don't worry about being pressured into a deal because we operate on a no obligation & no pressure policy when it comes to giving free quotes. Our company is customer driven. At the end of the day we go home feeling good about what we do!

The Best Price Guaranteed!

We want to make sure that all of our Edmonton neighbors choose northstar SECURITY to protect their homes and family. We never want price to get in the way of your security and that is why we often match prices with the lowest competitor to keep our neighbors protected and secure with their local Edmonton Security company.

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