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Senior Care Services
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Make The Home a Safe Place

Senior Care Services in EdmontonHere at northstar SECURITY we care about making the home a safe place for seniors. If you have chosen to stay home and receive homecare services or if you have chosen for your loved one to stay home and receive senior homecare services we can make that experience even better.

There are many advantages for seniors that stay at home. However, there are some obvious risks that northstar SECURITY can help take care of. One of the most obvious risks are unexpected accidents including trips, falls, or other medical emergencies. For these there are many companies that offer some type of medical alerts button, watch, or some other type of device. With our company you get this and more. We don’t just stop at the medical alert device but we do even more for our beloved seniors.

Senior at Home Monitoring

Senior Care MonitoringAs much as we wish family could be together all the time it just isn’t always possible. With today’s technology loved ones can still keep a watchful eye on their loved senior family members even when they are not with them physically. Our security system monitoring services for seniors allows members of the family or caregivers information and alerts regarding their loved ones activity. Are they active, is there any unusual activity or lack of activity in the home, and so forth. Get alerts when something isn’t going right and more.

Stay Alerted

It is amazing how seconds can make the world of difference when it comes to our seniors. With our monitoring we offer custom alert options with our senior care services. Our custom alert options can be customized to fit the lifestyle that you or your loved family member enjoys. Our alerts can be programmed to be sent by text, email, phones, computers, or even alert necessary officials. We let you know about what you want or need in the moment you want or need it.

Home Automation For Seniors

Why not allow the modern day miracles of technology to bless the lives of our seniors? Our company offers home automation solutions for seniors that can make their day to day activities less stressful and easier to manage. Now you can automate lights, thermostats, locks and more. With many of our seniors having memory loss issues this one can be especially beneficial so that the things that need to get done don’t go forgotten.

Wireless Control

Have you ever wanted to help a loved one at home who is a senior but were far away? Now you can have wireless control over key aspects of daily home life. Some examples of this are wireless control over thermostats, locks, appliances, and even lights. This is a great way to make sure your loved ones are comfortable and secure at night.

Home Security For Seniors

When it comes to providing services to seniors that are living at home there is more than just automating a home or setting up alerts. We focus a lot of our attention to security. We offer home protection against intruders, fires, flooding, and other types of dangerous scenarios like carbon monoxide poisoning. We have many different options that we are sure will help you customize the right system for you or your loved ones.

Home Video Cameras For Seniors Living At Home

Seeing is believing and that is definitely the case with our loved ones. Some of the best security comes in the form of home video cameras. Video cameras help our seniors by keeping intruders out & medical emergencies taken care of. With our video camera systems remote access to the feed can be accessed by authorized family members and even caregivers. Remote access is available via smart phones, computers, and even tablets.

No you don’t have to wonder if your loved one is ok because you can see for yourself, regardless of where you are in the world.

call or text home security in edmonton
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Why We Care About Our Seniors

It is no secret that we owe a lot to our seniors. They have walked the road before us and have helped us in so many ways. As we have been taken care of by them it is now our opportunity to take care of them. Here at northstar SECURITY we are committed to doing our part.
A big role we play in the process of taking care of the loved ones of so many is by providing technology systems that work and work extremely well. We have partnered with some of the best names in Canada to provide our senior citizens with the right equipment, the right resources, and the right team of professionals to get the best results every time.

We want to say thank you for your interest in our company and our senior care services. We look forward to talking to you over the phone and helping your center be absolutely amazing at taking care of loved ones!

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Recent Customer Reviews

Sherri Riopel

Edmonton Ab

Date: May 3, 2019
We switched from another security to Northstar and the switch was virtually seamless. The techs did everything they could to make sure the system runs smoothly and were very friendly and accommodating. We had a couple of adjustments we needed, but the techs were always willing to help. We are very happy we made the switch!

Very Friendly & Accommodating

Services Provided

Residential Home Security

Phil Hulmes

Edmonton AB

Date: Feb 7, 2019
The team at Northstar are top notch. I have used them to install my top of the line security systems in all of my Cannabis stores. Know that they are very in tune with compliance and the rates are unbeatable. I have referenced many of my friends and colleagues to use this company and will continue to do so for years to come. Thanks again guys for an outstanding job well done.

Rates Are Unbeatable

Services Provided

Residential Home Serivice

Philip Duffenais

Edmonton, AB

Date: Apr 6, 2019
Fantastic service, my system was arranged to be set up the next day. Really quick response when I set it off to test and the main intercom looks awesome in the entry. Have one in my home and office, definitely recommend Northstar.

Definitely Recommend Northstar

Services Provided

Residential Home Security

Dakota Powell

Edmonton, AB

Date: May 10, 2019
The process was great and everything was thoroughly explained, very happy,will highly recommend

Great Process

Services Provided

Home Security


Edmonton, AB

Date: Apr 19, 2019
They're great to work with! Would definitely recommend.

Definitely Recommend!

Services Provided

Home Security

Cathy Le

Edmonton, AB

Date: Mar 15, 2018
I needed a good security system for my business and Johnathan helped me through the entire process and made sure to be there for any questions or concerns that I had. He truly cares about his customers. Thank you Johnathan for your amazing customer service.

He Truly Cares About His Customers

Services Provided

Home Security System

Sam Goertzen

Edmonton, AB

Date: May 26, 2018
Jonathon was incredible to work with. From the first phone call to the first in home meeting, he was very professional and kind. The install went smoothly and was set up in a timely manner. Customer service has been exceptional. Highly recommend North Star Security!!!!

Smooth Install & Exceptional Customer Service

Services Provided

Residential Alarm System

Kerry Nghiem

Edmonton, AB

Date: Jul 5, 2018
Exceptional service right from the start from Jonathan at Northstar! My call was answered right away, got a quote that came in lower than the competitors and installation costs were fully covered by Northstar. Installation went smooth and the installer was great to deal with. Couldn't be more happy with my security system and the service I received. Give Northstar a call, you won't be disappointed.

Exceptional Service Right From The Start

Services Provided

Security System

Jennifer Dehghani

Edmonton, AB

Date: Mar 13, 2018
Great company. I was impressed with Jonathan Boyds knowledge of the security industry, and how quickly he responded to my phone calls, and text messages. I love the piece of mind my alarm brings to me and my family. I have young kids constantly going in and out of the house, and have way to many exits. I can be downstairs and hear the upstairs balcony door being opened and alerted if any door has been left open more than five minute.

Peace Of Mind To Me & My Family

Services Provided

Residential Home Security

Amanda Murphy

Edmonton, AB

Date: May 2, 2018
Picking a security company is a very tedious and sometimes overwhelming task. I had numerous companies come to my home to "sell" me their product and services but North Star Security was different. They were the last company I "interviewed", and Jonathan took the time to actually listen to what we wanted and helped us customize a system that was right for our family. There was zero pressure and no rushing. I highly recommend this company and Jonathan to anyone out there looking for a system for their home or business, you will not be disappointed :)

Zero Pressure & No Rushing

Services Provided

Residential Security System

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