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Edmonton Home Automation Services

Why not make your home as smart as your phone? Every day it seems that a new phone, app, or gadget is released to make life a little bit easier and more convenient. Did you know that your homes can but just as awesome as your phones? Yep, it is true. Let northstar SECURITY help you make your home smarter than your phone!

We Can Automate Your Home

Here are just a few of the ways our security systems can automate your home and make living in them much easier and convenient for you. Our security packages are customizable and allow our customers to get exactly what they need for their home.

Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat Home Automation

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks Home Automation

Automated Garage Door Control

Automated Garage Door Control

Automate Your Lighting & Appliances

Automate Your Homes Lighting & Appliances

Smart App

What would you like to know more about?

Smart Lock/Garage

Smart Energy Management

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Edmonton Home Automation

You’ve probably heard a lot about conserving energy and renewable energy resources. Did you know that in your home there is something you can do to make a huge difference?

All you have to do to save energy is to better manage your home’s heating and air system. This is easy to do with a smart thermostat that is programmable, automatic and mobile connected for adjustment.Our home automation options for you home include lights and appliances. You can now create custom schedules to have your lights automated based on event triggers or even power usage details.

You could even control your lights and devices from across the world. This automation feature is great for people who want to both save money and need more convenience.The home automation app is a powerful tool to see and control everything about your home’s security and automation.

Monitor lights, locks, garage door, thermostat, alarm, and even video cameras. No matter where you are, you can check the status of your system, control all of your connected apparatus, and get real-time notifications for any activity you care about.

Now that’s smart.Have you ever wondered if your front door is locked or not? We all have. Sometimes that concern gets you worried enough that you’ll take a quick trip home to double check.

With a smart door lock and our home automation services that doesn’t have to happen again. You could now lock (or unlock) your door from your phone. You can even assign temporary door codes for guests who may need to get inside your home such as neighbors who need to come over to walk pets, handyman who need to do work in the home, or for someone who is watching your house while you are on vacation.

The convenience of a smart door lock is incredible. Our customers even find themselves wondering why they didn’t get this for their home years ago.It is no secret that the garage door/s are the biggest openings to a home. If left open, your home is in serious danger of unwanted intruders. Even though you and I know this, we still find ourselves forgetting to shut our garage door from time to time.

With our automated garage door systems you can now manage, monitor and control your home’s garage door from anywhere—and we mean anywhere—you have internet access on your phone. You can even receive alerts to your smart phone or email if the door is open.Smart Locks are only part of a good front-door security solution. Doorbell cameras are one of our most popular add-ons because they allow you to see and converse with whomever is at the front door. It replaces your current doorbell switch, so there is no new drilling or anything.

Why do you want home automation?

Better Security

Better Energy Control

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Job Details

Location of Job: Edmonton, AB
When: Dec 5, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Security System Installation
Brief Explanation Last month I had a customer that wanted a very secure and great security system. We talked about a lot of different features that we could provide to give them all the extra security that they needed and wanted to make their home as secure and safe as possible. I went over our competitive pricing options and made sure that we offered as much as possible for a price that was right for them.

These clients were very happy that I listened to their needs and made sure they had everything that they needed. They were so happy they wanted to make sure that everyone could have the same option and service. They went to a close friend and told them they needed to sign up with us after their current security system contract was over.

I love that my clients are happy enough with their service to want to be able to let their friends and family know what it is that I offer and how I treat my clients.

I always make sure that my clients get the security system that is best for them and their home and also their budget. I had one customer that really needed a security system but was under such a strict budget they weren't sure they would be able to get the service that they needed. I helped set them up and get the a great security system discount so that it was a possibility for them and their family.

Read more about the job in Edmonton below

Security Equipment Used

automated-garage-door-control-wirelesssecurity-system-edmonton-motion-sensorMotion Sensors Alarm Systemsimeon-xti-security-system-paneledmonton Home Automation System

Job Details

Location of Job: Calgary, AB
When: Nov 19, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: security system service change
Brief Explanation I had a family give me a call because they weren't sure about their current security system service they were getting through ADT. Sometimes going through such a large company also meant that it was harder to contact someone who could help them if they were having any issues or had any questions. I talked with them about what they were currently getting, what they needed going forward, and how much they were currently paying.

I told them that I was definitely able to match ADT's price and their equipment and even get them a garage door module as well. They were happy with what I was offering and decided to go ahead and cancel their service and get set up with Northstar Security's System & Monitoring.

Once they had everything taken care of with ADT, we came right out and got them all installed and taken care of. We didn't want them to have any lapse in service while switching providers.

We got their Security System all set up and their garage door module ready. They seemed very satisfied with the service they would be getting going forward. I told them they can always call me if they ever have any questions or concerns with their current Security System with garage door module.

I always try to offer the right price for my customers. They need to feel that the security system they are getting is worth what they are paying. I worked through their needs with them and go above and beyond when my customers may be in a tough situation.

I did this just recently for a customer who really needed to be on a strict budget with their security system. Check out here how I helped them get a security system discount in Edmonton, AB.

Job Details

Location of Job: Edmonton, AB
When: Nov 20, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Security System Install with Garage Coverage
Brief Explanation I love when my customers go out of their way to let me know how much they love their security system. I always like to check up on my customers and make sure everything is running smoothly and that they are happy. However, with Mike I didn't even have to do that.

Mark contacted me after we had gotten his entire security system installed. He wanted to tell me how impressed he was with the technology for the security system and that he was very happy with how everything was working.

It was a pleasure working with Mike and it's great to hear he is happy with his Simon XTI Security System.

Security Equipment Used

edmonton Home Automation Systemsecurity-system-edmonton-motion-sensorMotion Sensors Alarm Systemautomated-garage-door-control-wirelesssimeon-xti-security-system-panel

Job Details

Location of Job: Edmonton, AB
When: Nov 3, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Pre-wired Alarm System Activation
Brief Explanation This customer had a prewired alarm system, and wanted to see if it was possible to use the current wiring. And why not?! If it can save them time and money for less installation, they should take advantage of that. They also requested that we give them an updated control panel with interactive capability. This is a such a huge convenience for people.

I was able to use all of the existing wiring. I then added a touch screen panel, along with a garage door module and gave them interactive capability on their cell phone. Their new System included Simon XTi (2) Doors (1) HW Superswitch (1) Universal Garage Module (1) Appliance Module (1) GSM

Security Equipment Used

automated-garage-door-control-wirelessMotion Sensors Alarm Systemsecurity-system-edmonton-motion-sensorsimeon-xti-security-system-panelAlarm Monitoring Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Job Details

Location of Job: Fort Saskatchewan, AB
When: Sep 3, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Basic Alarm System with front door lock, garage coverage, and camera
Brief Explanation The most common type of security system we install here at Northstar Security is our Voice Security System. Most customers only need a basic alarm system installed in their home. However, when our customers needed upgraded options like video cameras, smart phone apps, and other advanced security features we do that really well too.

This security system was installed for a local customer in Edmonton. She wanted a security system that would keep her home and family safe. On top of the basic security system features and equipment Tera opted into our Smart Lock Security System. This system includes smart phone access, smart locks, garage coverage and she opted in to have a home security camera installed.

The fantastic thing about her system is that it keeps her home and family safe really well while giving her complete control and access to the system straight from her mobile phone...even if she is halfway around the world.

As with all security systems Tera's system has sensors on all the windows, doors, and even high end motion detectors with heat sensor capabilities. Tera was very happy to get her basic alarm system installed, and we were happy to do it for her.

Job Details

Location of Job: Edmonton, AB
When: Aug 27, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Interactive alarm system installed
Brief Explanation Interactive alarm systems make security systems an easy and user friendly experience. We Installed an Interactive Alarm system for a customer in edmonton that included smoke and key fobs for remote arming. We installed for the door and basement windows.

Job Details

Location of Job: Edmonton, AB
When: Sep 7, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Security System Activation, Alarm Monitoring
Brief Explanation This job was with a past customer with whom we had installed a security system. This job scope involved reactivating the customers security system and adding new sensors to the system. We love being able to help past customers with all their security system needs.

Security Equipment Used

Alarm Monitoring Northstar Securityedmonton-home-security-northstar-security

Job Details

Location of Job: Fort Saskatchewan, AB
When: Sep 3, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Smart Locks, Security Cameras, Motion Sensors, Alarm Monitoring, and more!
Brief Explanation We do a lot of alarm monitoring in Fort Saskatchewasn, AB. We are happy to help our customers with both their security system, equipment and monitoring solutions.

This particular customer needed an alarm system installed with a door lock and security camera for the home. We did that and more to make sure they were properly secured.

We installed sensors on the doors, windows, and in key areas of the home to detect motion, intrusions, exits, and entrances. We included the garage as an area of monitoring and activity.

With this security system we installed a high end front door lock that can be accessed remotely. These door locks are convenient and very useful when needing to change lock codes, give access to various people, or check who has unlocked the door. We also installed wireless security cameras that can be accessed from a mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Check out a recent home automation in Fort Saskatchewan we did or this Edmonton security camera installation job we did.

Security Equipment Used

Job Details

Location of Job: Edmonton, Alberta
When: Sep 15, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Garage Door Automation, Home Security Systems, Smoke Detector Installation
Brief Explanation We installed this security system for our customer in Edmonton, Alberta. The system was a basic security system with some of our best equipment. The customer opted in to get a high end smoke alarm that tied directly into the security system along with a garage door module. The garage door automation is a neat feature that many of our customers really enjoy. This customer cannot only access their security system 100% from their mobile phone or wireless device but they can also unlock, lock and open their garage door.

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Home Automation Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Security Equipment Used

Alarm Monitoring Northstar Securityedmonton-home-security-northstar-security

Job Details

Location of Job: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
When: Sep 2, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Automation, Smart Thermostat, Wireless Security Cameras, Motion Sensors, Alarm Monitoring
Brief Explanation One of the most rewarding things about installing a top of the line security system is when the customer contact us telling us how amazing it is and how much they love it.

After installing this system this customer texted Jonathan letting him know how cool it was!

Our Home Automation systems are more than just cool. They make your home smarter and more efficient to run, maintain and operate. Such was the case with this Home Automation system in Fort Saskatchewan.

For this home owner they received and we installed home automation equipment and security equipment that allowed them to wireless control their thermostat and allow their home to automate this system for them based on their household activity and motion patterns.

We also installed wireless security cameras for extra security protection and smart home use. On top of the cameras they are now being protected against floods, fire, and break-ins. They are connected to their home through our interactive app that allows them 24/7 access to their system from anywhere in the world.

Here is some more information for a Home Automation job we did: Home Automation in Fort St. John, BC.

Recent Customer Reviews

Sherri Riopel

Edmonton Ab

Date: May 3, 2019
We switched from another security to Northstar and the switch was virtually seamless. The techs did everything they could to make sure the system runs smoothly and were very friendly and accommodating. We had a couple of adjustments we needed, but the techs were always willing to help. We are very happy we made the switch!

Very Friendly & Accommodating

Services Provided

Residential Home Security

Phil Hulmes

Edmonton AB

Date: Feb 7, 2019
The team at Northstar are top notch. I have used them to install my top of the line security systems in all of my Cannabis stores. Know that they are very in tune with compliance and the rates are unbeatable. I have referenced many of my friends and colleagues to use this company and will continue to do so for years to come. Thanks again guys for an outstanding job well done.

Rates Are Unbeatable

Services Provided

Residential Home Serivice

Philip Duffenais

Edmonton, AB

Date: Apr 6, 2019
Fantastic service, my system was arranged to be set up the next day. Really quick response when I set it off to test and the main intercom looks awesome in the entry. Have one in my home and office, definitely recommend Northstar.

Definitely Recommend Northstar

Services Provided

Residential Home Security

Dakota Powell

Edmonton, AB

Date: May 10, 2019
The process was great and everything was thoroughly explained, very happy,will highly recommend

Great Process

Services Provided

Home Security


Edmonton, AB

Date: Apr 19, 2019
They're great to work with! Would definitely recommend.

Definitely Recommend!

Services Provided

Home Security

Cathy Le

Edmonton, AB

Date: Mar 15, 2018
I needed a good security system for my business and Johnathan helped me through the entire process and made sure to be there for any questions or concerns that I had. He truly cares about his customers. Thank you Johnathan for your amazing customer service.

He Truly Cares About His Customers

Services Provided

Home Security System

Sam Goertzen

Edmonton, AB

Date: May 26, 2018
Jonathon was incredible to work with. From the first phone call to the first in home meeting, he was very professional and kind. The install went smoothly and was set up in a timely manner. Customer service has been exceptional. Highly recommend North Star Security!!!!

Smooth Install & Exceptional Customer Service

Services Provided

Residential Alarm System

Kerry Nghiem

Edmonton, AB

Date: Jul 5, 2018
Exceptional service right from the start from Jonathan at Northstar! My call was answered right away, got a quote that came in lower than the competitors and installation costs were fully covered by Northstar. Installation went smooth and the installer was great to deal with. Couldn't be more happy with my security system and the service I received. Give Northstar a call, you won't be disappointed.

Exceptional Service Right From The Start

Services Provided

Security System

Jennifer Dehghani

Edmonton, AB

Date: Mar 13, 2018
Great company. I was impressed with Jonathan Boyds knowledge of the security industry, and how quickly he responded to my phone calls, and text messages. I love the piece of mind my alarm brings to me and my family. I have young kids constantly going in and out of the house, and have way to many exits. I can be downstairs and hear the upstairs balcony door being opened and alerted if any door has been left open more than five minute.

Peace Of Mind To Me & My Family

Services Provided

Residential Home Security

Amanda Murphy

Edmonton, AB

Date: May 2, 2018
Picking a security company is a very tedious and sometimes overwhelming task. I had numerous companies come to my home to "sell" me their product and services but North Star Security was different. They were the last company I "interviewed", and Jonathan took the time to actually listen to what we wanted and helped us customize a system that was right for our family. There was zero pressure and no rushing. I highly recommend this company and Jonathan to anyone out there looking for a system for their home or business, you will not be disappointed :)

Zero Pressure & No Rushing

Services Provided

Residential Security System

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We want to make sure that all of our Edmonton neighbors choose northstar SECURITY to protect their homes and family. We never want price to get in the way of your security and that is why we often match prices with the lowest competitor to keep our neighbors protected and secure with their local Edmonton Security company.

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