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Edmonton Home Security Cameras

Home Surveillance CamerasGetting the right security cameras for your home and having them installed properly is very important. We know the different brands and equipment of security cameras that work well for homes and the various types and features that you need to fit your home. Not every home is the same and the type of security camera or cameras you need will depend on your unique home’s design, layout, lighting, location, and so forth.

Here at northstar Security we work with homeowners all over Edmonton, AB and in the surrounding cities. We are locally owned and operated and are partnered with some of the best in the industry to make sure we always deliver quality security every time. Feel free to call us to let us to speak to a professional about what you need. We are ready to help and schedule an in person appointment where we can give you a custom quote and inspection of your home’s security needs.

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Job Details

Location of Job: Edmonton, AB
When: Dec 23, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Security System Installation
Brief Explanation A lot of the work that I get comes out of Edmonton. I definitely do work all around in a lot of surrounding cities like Devon, Sherwood Park and more. However, a large part of it is right in the middle of Edmonton. I just recently did a brand new security system installation for a new customer. Robert wanted to get a security system set up in his home. I sat down with him and we went through all of his options for a security system. We went over the time frame for getting it done, and the pricing and what we would need to do to keep it in his budget. He was happy with the options that were provided and the competitive pricing that we offered. He started with all of the basic parts of a great security system and got the sensors on his door, windows, etc. But then he also decided he wanted to do an indoor ADC camera. We scheduled a time that would work best for him and his schedule and then we came and got it all wired and set up and running. We made sure he knew how everything would be working and what his service agreement was. He was very happy with the communication and the level of service. He went out of his way to let me know. I got an email from him a little bit later letting me know he was happy and liked the work that was done and the service that was provided. For me, that is what my business is all about. I always want to make my clients happy and make sure they feel that the service they are getting is a benefit to them. It was really nice to hear personally back from the client and know that he felt it was good service. I've also received texts and phone calls from happy clients and it really makes my job completely worth it.

Job Details

Location of Job: Edmonton, AB
When: Dec 5, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Security System Installation
Brief Explanation Last month I had a customer that wanted a very secure and great security system. We talked about a lot of different features that we could provide to give them all the extra security that they needed and wanted to make their home as secure and safe as possible. I went over our competitive pricing options and made sure that we offered as much as possible for a price that was right for them.

These clients were very happy that I listened to their needs and made sure they had everything that they needed. They were so happy they wanted to make sure that everyone could have the same option and service. They went to a close friend and told them they needed to sign up with us after their current security system contract was over.

I love that my clients are happy enough with their service to want to be able to let their friends and family know what it is that I offer and how I treat my clients.

I always make sure that my clients get the security system that is best for them and their home and also their budget. I had one customer that really needed a security system but was under such a strict budget they weren't sure they would be able to get the service that they needed. I helped set them up and get the a great security system discount so that it was a possibility for them and their family.

Read more about the job in Edmonton below

Security Equipment Used

simeon-xti-security-system-panelDoorbell Security CameraMotion Sensors Alarm Systemsecurity-system-edmonton-motion-sensoredmonton Home Automation Systemsmoke-detector-edmonton-ab-security-company

Job Details

Location of Job: Edmonton, AB
When: Nov 20, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Security System Installation, Doorbell Security Camera, Basic Home Alarm System
Brief Explanation I make it a point to give my customers top notch service.

To me, it's not just about their security system and that their security system is the best that they can get. It is also about their experience when their security system gets set up and if they have any confusion or issues that they need resolved while they have the security system.

That is why I make it a point to be available to my customers. For the most part, I get to meet my customers face to face. Talk them through everything and get my team out their to install their security system.

However, as the owner of Northstar security I don't always have that chance if a customer calls in to order their security system instead of meeting me at their door. Just because they come searching for me doesn't mean that they don't receive the best service possible.

For one recent customer this was the case. She wanted a security system and I didn't meet her at her door. I made sure that I spoke directly to her to talk over her options and her budget to make sure she got exactly what she needed with a price that was right for her. I also made sure she knew that she could call anytime if she had any questions or concerns and I would be available to talk to her. She was happy with the options we offered so I sent my team out to her home to get her installed asap.

She ended up getting our basic package with the Simon XTI security system. We installed all the regular motion, window, door, smoke detector sensors in her home. She also opted to add the doorbell camera as an extra feature.

I made sure I went over how everything worked for her. She also made it clear that she was happy with how clear all the details were. She felt that everything had the clarity it needed for her to make an educated decision.

Check out another recent job we did with doorbell camera installation.

Security Equipment Used

Doorbell Security Camerasecurity-system-edmonton-motion-sensorMotion Sensors Alarm Systemsimeon-xti-security-system-paneledmonton Home Automation Systemsmoke-detector-edmonton-ab-security-company

Job Details

Location of Job: Fort Saskatchewan, AB
When: Nov 20, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Security System Installation
Brief Explanation We went out to Fort Saskatchewan and knocked on this family's door. I let them know exactly what we offer and how it could benefit them. In talking further I found out that they had a daughter who's room was in the basement next to an exterior door. Their daughter sometimes found it a little scary, which is understandable.

They decided that a security system was something they would like to have installed in their home. I got them all set up with the basic package with motion and smoke detector sensors installed. Then for added measure they wanted to add two doorbell cameras. One on their front door and one on the basement door. Now they can see anyone who may be approaching either of the entrances into their home.

Job Details

Location of Job: Edmonton, AB
When: Nov 20, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Security System Install with Garage Coverage
Brief Explanation I love when my customers go out of their way to let me know how much they love their security system. I always like to check up on my customers and make sure everything is running smoothly and that they are happy. However, with Mike I didn't even have to do that.

Mark contacted me after we had gotten his entire security system installed. He wanted to tell me how impressed he was with the technology for the security system and that he was very happy with how everything was working.

It was a pleasure working with Mike and it's great to hear he is happy with his Simon XTI Security System.

Job Details

Location of Job: Leduc, AB
When: Oct 1, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Upgrade Alarm System, Home Alarm System
Brief Explanation This customer wanted to upgrade his alarm system. You can never have to good of an alarm system. We came out for him and got him upgraded right away. We added the interactive application to their system, door lock and a thermostat. They also are getting a full out door hard wired Camera system.  4 Interlogix cameras

Security system cameras are always a great upgrade for your security system. You have an extra peace of mind that you can see what's going on even when you aren't right there. We have installed cameras for lots of our wonderful customers and it's so great to see them satisfied with their security system.

Job Details

Location of Job: Edmonton, AB
When: Oct 31, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: New Security System, Home Security System Edmonton
Brief Explanation Unfortunately this customer had a terrible experience with a different security company. I talked at length to her about her needs in regards to a security system and making sure she would have a good experience going forward. After talking with me she decided to move her service to Northstar. It will be my pleasure to provide her with what she needs.

We installed a security system for her that included: Quolsys Panel - (1) GSM (1) H/W Superswitch (2) Doors (1) Glassbreak (1) Smart Door lock - Nickel (1) ADC Indoor Camera

Security Equipment Used

automated-garage-door-control-wirelessMotion Sensors Alarm Systemsecurity-system-edmonton-motion-sensorsimeon-xti-security-system-panelAlarm Monitoring Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Job Details

Location of Job: Fort Saskatchewan, AB
When: Sep 3, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Basic Alarm System with front door lock, garage coverage, and camera
Brief Explanation The most common type of security system we install here at Northstar Security is our Voice Security System. Most customers only need a basic alarm system installed in their home. However, when our customers needed upgraded options like video cameras, smart phone apps, and other advanced security features we do that really well too.

This security system was installed for a local customer in Edmonton. She wanted a security system that would keep her home and family safe. On top of the basic security system features and equipment Tera opted into our Smart Lock Security System. This system includes smart phone access, smart locks, garage coverage and she opted in to have a home security camera installed.

The fantastic thing about her system is that it keeps her home and family safe really well while giving her complete control and access to the system straight from her mobile phone...even if she is halfway around the world.

As with all security systems Tera's system has sensors on all the windows, doors, and even high end motion detectors with heat sensor capabilities. Tera was very happy to get her basic alarm system installed, and we were happy to do it for her.

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Home Automation Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Security Equipment Used

Alarm Monitoring Northstar Securityedmonton-home-security-northstar-security

Job Details

Location of Job: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
When: Sep 2, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Automation, Smart Thermostat, Wireless Security Cameras, Motion Sensors, Alarm Monitoring
Brief Explanation One of the most rewarding things about installing a top of the line security system is when the customer contact us telling us how amazing it is and how much they love it.

After installing this system this customer texted Jonathan letting him know how cool it was!

Our Home Automation systems are more than just cool. They make your home smarter and more efficient to run, maintain and operate. Such was the case with this Home Automation system in Fort Saskatchewan.

For this home owner they received and we installed home automation equipment and security equipment that allowed them to wireless control their thermostat and allow their home to automate this system for them based on their household activity and motion patterns.

We also installed wireless security cameras for extra security protection and smart home use. On top of the cameras they are now being protected against floods, fire, and break-ins. They are connected to their home through our interactive app that allows them 24/7 access to their system from anywhere in the world.

Here is some more information for a Home Automation job we did: Home Automation in Fort St. John, BC.

Security Equipment Used

Alarm Monitoring Northstar Securityedmonton-home-security-northstar-security

Job Details

Location of Job: Edmonton, Alberta
When: Aug 31, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Wireless Security System, Security Cameras, Alarm Monitoring
Brief Explanation Alana had a break-in at her residence in Edmonton, Alberta. This of course was not a fun experience and after the break-in she contacted us to come out and provide her with a security system that would help prevent future break-ins and alert the authorities. We were able to provide her with a security system that included 2 wi-fi cameras. These cameras are particularly useful due to the fact that they can be accessed wirelessly from her phone, table, or desktop and they can be programmed for many custom options. We service customers in Edmonton and all the surrounding cities. Here are some recent security systems in Fort Saskatchewan and even Sherwood Park and here is another alarm system in South Cooking Lake, AB. that we have installed.

Recent Customer Reviews

Affinity Dental

Edmonton AB

Date: Dec 30, 2017
Supporting local businesses is fantastic but supporting well managed, knowledgeable experts in their field that are ALSO local is awesome! The team at Northstar from management to field technicians has been professional, efficient, and accommodating. Jonathan assisted in finding a solid security solution for our application. Liesel, Markian, and Alex made installation a breeze. Follow up support and service has been courteous, affable, and reassuring. Keep up the great work North Star!

Well Managed, Knowledgeable Experts

Cathy Le

Edmonton AB

Date: Dec 14, 2017
I needed a good security system for my business and Johnathan helped me through the entire process and made sure to be there for any questions or concerns that I had. He truly cares about his customers. Thank you Johnathan for your amazing customer service.

Amazing Customer Service

Jennifer Dehghani

Calgary, AB

Date: Oct 5, 2017
Great company. I was impressed with Jonathan Boyds knowledge of the security industry, and how quickly he responded to my phone calls, and text messages. I love the piece of mind my alarm brings to me and my family. I have young kids constantly going in and out of the house, and have way to many exits. I can be downstairs and hear the upstairs balcony door being opened and alerted if any door has been left open more than five minute

Great Company

Tania Tel

Edmonton AB

Date: Sep 27, 2017
Tania Parkland County, Alberta Honest, reliable, knowledgeable and prompt group of people. In July 2017, my husband and I requested quotes from four major security companies in greater Edmonton area, for intrusion alarm system for our new home. My husband gave each company a copy of the same list of devices and quantities we wanted in our home. They reviewed the list, visited our home and gave us quotes for the material and installation of what was in the list, and monitoring services monthly fee. Jonathan’s price was the best, equipment were from one of the more reputable manufacturers of the 4 companies, the monthly fee was the lowest for the same service and most importantly, they installed it the next day, programmed the system, set the monitoring up and trained us to use it locally and via our cell phones in a few hours. We are enjoying the security system ever since with no issues. Very good experience; thanks to Jonathan Berry, Jonathan Boyd and Ben Hogg, and their monitoring centre and customer service staff.

Honest, Reliable, Knowledgeable, & Prompt

Sam Goertzen

Calgary AB

Date: Sep 22, 2017
Jonathon was incredible to work with. From the first phone call to the first in home meeting, he was very professional and kind. The install went smoothly and was set up in a timely manner. Customer service has been exceptional. Highly recommend North Star Security!!!!

Professional & Kind

Amanda Murphy

Edmonton AB

Date: Sep 10, 2017
Picking a security company is a very tedious and sometimes overwhelming task. I had numerous companies come to my home to "sell" me their product and services but North Star Security was different. They were the last company I "interviewed", and Jonathan took the time to actually listen to what we wanted and helped us customize a system that was right for our family. There was zero pressure and no rushing. I highly recommend this company and Jonathan to anyone out there looking for a system for their home or business, you will not be disappointed :)

Highly Recommend This Company

Kerry Nghiem

Edmonton AB

Date: Sep 6, 2017
Exceptional service right from the start from Jonathan at Northstar! My call was answered right away, got a quote that came in lower than the competitors and installation costs were fully covered by Northstar. Installation went smooth and the installer was great to deal with. Couldn't be more happy with my security system and the service I received. Give Northstar a call, you won't be disappointed.

Exceptional Service

Sean Couvrette

Calgary, AB

Date: Jun 30, 2017
Staff are very knowledgable and helpful. Service is fast, efficient, and affordable. If you're looking for security solutions for your home is business, you've found the right place

Very Knowledgeable And Helpful

Kristen St.Arnault

Edmonton, AB

Date: Jul 1, 2017
Service was fantastic, I had just bought a house and being a single parent I needed that extra peace of mind. I had signed up with a different sercuirty company but after reading many bad reviews I cancelled the services with that company. With that being said I checked out reviews on google about liberty and seen their wasn't any bad reviews, so I checked out the website sent for a call back,within a hour I was called back. The sales person (Jon) was very informative and great at explaining my options for equipment, not even 24 hours after our conversation I had a system put in my place and I absolutely love it. Jon even came to the house after the system was put to see how everything was going, which was great, you can tell he wasn't just there to make a sale that he actually enjoys helping others. The tech that came and installed the equipment was great he took the time to explain how to use everything and I love the iPhone app for the system. The only complaint is that my daughter isn't a fan that I get a text message when the doors open haha I highly recommend liberty they are a great company. ☺

Service Was Fantastic

Travis Baskin

Edmonton AB

Date: Oct 31, 2016
Great company to work with

Great Experience With North Star Security

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